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My purpose is the INNER REVOLUTION, a journey to dive into Spiritual work as a wellness professional.
I came to my purpose in service as a Peace Corps volunteer in both Bangladesh and Jamaica. 

I am a Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor with a passion for Ayurveda and elemental alchemy. I honor traditions and ancient rituals.

I am the creator of Reggaelates which is a fusion of movement combining Yoga & Pilates, inspired on the island of Jamaica where I lived for over a decade.

I passionately innovate in the hospitality world honoring the cultural healing traditions of the land and people to provide  a healing alchemy.

I teach at the Kripalu Yoga Center, Esalen Institute and the Omega Institute.  As an activator I invite you to join me and let's ignite your INNER REVOLUTION.

Sienna Creasy offers Free Yoga CLASSES and Reggaelates Classes linked below



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Let the Inner Revolution Begin!

Sienna Creasy


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