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 I'm Sienna, they call me Zen Rebel

I found my purpose when I was in service.


Serving in the Peace Corps in Bangladesh in 2005

and again in Jamaica 2006-2008.​

I've been teaching Yoga for over 15 years and am blessed to assist and continue the Prana Flow lineage with my teacher Shiva Rea. I have led workshops at Kripalu, Esalen, and the Omega Institute as well as at festivals such as Wanderlust and BaliSpirit Festival.

My travels and desire for purpose as a teacher brought me to both Thailand and India to study Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology and Ayurveda.

Although Yoga is still an integral part of my life and purpose I have combined my skills and knowledge to join the Tourism Industry in Jamaica as a Spa Director where I have lived now for over 14 years.​​​

Reggaelates is my trademarked experience that combines the challenge of Pilates with roots in Yoga to integrate a fusion of movement to Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall.  Enjoy some of my classes here.

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My Trademarked Reggaelates is a movement method that combines Classical Pilates with Yoga for a full body integration of core activation.  

Inspired by the Music and Energy of Jamaica this practice fuses rhythm and movement to inspire your energy to ignite from within.

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Sienna Creasy

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