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Summer Solstice, New Moon & Solar Eclipse

My Journey Home. What helps me to ground? How do I experience a true sense of belonging?  What ways am I nurturing myself right Now?

I'm writing you this message from my moms living room in Vermont.  Yes I took a physical journey home but this New Moon musing is actually about my metaphysical journey home.  I ask you the same questions above that I have asked myself.

What helps me to ground?

I have had the time and space to truly answer this within my soul and my bones since March when my professional life came to a halt to allow my spiritual life to re-awaken.

DAMN was I a deep lethargic sedation that I won't beat up but I want to beat it out of my bones like a dusty carpet.

So I took the broom of my practice to the body of my soul.


I ground by returning to my mat and moving my Self with the breath leading the way.


I ground by teaching and sharing my passion for Yoga.


I ground by diving into conversations that feed my soul, that ask me to reflect and show up and be present and share what comes up.  

There was a lot of dust....It's beginning to clear.What helps me to experience a true sense of belonging?

This question cuts to my heart deeply right now as we share in a revolution of awakening surrounding racism.

Part of my conversation with myself has been diving into the inner listening of my own ancestral history, diving into my 37.8 years of being alive and how I have interacted in my own life.  Asking myself to truly see what role I have played in this world surrounding questions of race and relationships and my own projections and assumptions.  

I have realized...

That I experience my sense of belonging through my rich and loving friendships. I experience myself and my sense of belonging within a community of likeminded warriors who want to stay awake and be uncomfortable so that WE can shine light on our own darkness and inspire those around us to do the same. 

Tune into a conversation with myself and one of my dear soul sisters Nadine McNeil next week and know that I will continue to commit to showing up, to shining light and to fighting for black lives.What ways am I nurturing myself RIGHT NOW?

I have stepped away from the Routine that removed me from Ritual.  I had began to confuse the two and my daily routine was no longer nurturing my Soul....knock knock Sienna are you in there?  

The numbness and fog was getting too thick so I shook the pan and took a trip. Yes during COVID19 and to American of all places.  This is my journey and no one will understand it but me.  

I am spending time with my soul family, with the very people who see me deeply and cherish me for the messy emotional intense being that I am.  

I got to have this time already in Jamaica and now the best way to nurture myself is for me to return to the source of my own essence.  I am reading through my old journals, I am looking at the history of my life so that I can go into this next chapter with a very clear foundation.  This New Moon in Cancer is bringing each of us home.

To the inner softness and underbelly of our soul where we crack the hard external shell of societies many titles, layers and expectations and let the juice of our being drip out of us.  This time is very deep, this time is emotional and will change our life path forever.  Don't shy away from the waters of your soul, dive in now.  Ask yourself the same questions, write them out if you must and then ignite them on the altar of your heart.

Join me for a special New Moon Yoga tomorrow (Sunday June 21st) let us ground in the muddy water of our soul and cleanse the dust of the carpeted body we have been hiding within.


Stay tuned for more...see below.

I love you,

Stay Awake.


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