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Taste the Nectar of the New Moon

“Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.” Ram Dass

Close your eyes. Inhale. Swallow. Exhale. Open your eyes. Repeat.

Taste your breath, your body, your moment in this precious dysfunctional loving heartbreaking life.  Taste your heart beat, taste your fears and your dreams and your self doubt and empowerment.  

Drip, trickle, stream the nectar of todays New Moon down the back of your throat.  

Can you feel it?

If not Repeat the directions above until you are for a moment, just a moment present with the essence of YOUR SELF.  Swallow. Breathe. Repeat. 

If you are able to read this and listen to music put this playlist on now (or anytime)

Todays New Moon in Cancer woke me up in a state of present awareness that I was lucky to bring to the mat and teach as an offering.  With my eyes closed following the inner teacher my heart led the way.  

The word GuRu in Sanskrit is literally split into Gu (Remover) Ru (Darkness).  The remover of darkness is the perfect inner teacher at this time of New Moon energy.  It is in the darkness that we feel most alone.

As I am reminded of the Osho Zen Tarot card Aloneness I smile, as Osho says this is not "loneliness" this is utmostpresence of self.  This is the moment, the very MOMENT in time that the teacher within you is poised and ready to shed light, to shine, just look inward.

Not Forward.

Not Backward.


Ok. It's not as easy as I thought either, and trust me I am not preaching from a space of knowing. I am bowing from a space of growing, from a place of suffering and sadness and fear that has humbled my heart inward.  

I thought that by looking outward, walking forward and keeping my eyes on the horizon of my life I would always have it figured out.

Do you know what I mean?  

How the ability to plan and look forward provides that inner sanctum of security and a false idea of  accomplishments and safety .  

I had to really get STILL and stop. Stop searching along the horizon for myself and close my eyes to the inner world of my heart. 

Right Here. Right Now. Be HERE NOW.

Here you are.  Stay with me.....the nectar tastes so good.

I left the comfort of the water and ventured into the mountains of Montana.  Just as the Cancerian crab can live on land and water there is a subtle reminder that I needed this juxtaposition of nature to return to my Inner Nature.

Also much like the Cancer New Moon teaches us, there is a pull towards community, as the crab is social and finds comfort surrounded by their tribe, we too as humans seek that connection.

It's not meant to be a lonely journey.

Aloneness can be spent in the presence of many others who are also awake with full beating hearts of fire; and desire to live in truth and to allow suffering and surrender to dance around the fire with liberation and bliss.

So you may close your eyes and look within. You may open your eyes and look up at the night sky or the morning sun.  You may look at your beloved, your child, your parent or friend and see the very light of their heart glowing in their eyes, and know deeply that you are ONE.

When you are present. You call to the moment the utmost presence of the other.  

Be Here Now.

With love, gratitude and grace.  I sit at the base of the mountain of my heart with you, we sit together, stripped down of our many masks and veils and we let the darkness of the moon fill us with light from within.

Love All Ways,


Images from Be Here Now - Ram Dass

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